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Sms API Integration

You can use your api information when you need to make SMS sending from your website.

The file for integration is given below. You can download and install. If you need more information, you should forward these files to your software developer.

General Error Codes

Regardless of the error origin, all error codes that end in 00-0F, have the same meaning. These do not map to a specific error, but may be caused by different issues depending on the context. Thus these are left undocumented since the exact cause varies.

This means that if you get an 0x1001, it’s an “Unknown error” from the SMS Errors. If you get an 0x0308 it’s an “Invalid Argument” from API Errors etc.

API Errors

These cover codes 0x0100-0x07FF. You might encounter these when communicating with one of our API’s ie. REST API.

SMS Errors

The following table is an exhaustive list of error codes that might be returned to you in a Delivery Status Notification. We do our best to keep track of all these, but some may be missing. Not all error codes are relevant or expected to occur in normal operations. This section covers codes 0x0100-0x01FF.
These supplement the States and status codes to provide additional insight on failures.
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