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UIPAPP is an SMS gateway company that officially started its operations on October 29, 2020. With its solid infrastructure and business partners, it provides bulk SMS service to more than 200 countries.

Uipapp, which serves in line with the needs of each country, aims to keep competitive prices in Europe. Uipapp, which made forward-looking investments with its knowledge before our official establishment, is progressing resolutely in order to provide better service to its customers.
companyThat is why we offer you a rock-solid SMS gateway with first-rate SMS services, easy integration and high operational stability. All while still being one of the best priced A2P SMS-suppliers on the market.

We offer fast support as possible, with a process that does not tire our customers from membership to the delivery stage. We provide the opportunity to send sms in a few steps without requiring additional information.

We have the widest possible infrastructure and business partners for sending sms content for each customer base. That's why we have high efficiency to meet your needs. We continue to work on price and efficiency in order to provide better opportunities.
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