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One of the biggest problems of our day is that we cannot quickly send messages to our crowded family, relatives and friends on special occasions and even pass most of them. The messages you want to send are not enough to all your acquaintances in order to keep our connections in limited times.

Internet access, one of the great inventions of our age, may not always be with us, access may be restricted. As a matter of fact, operator users living far from the station do not pull lines and find it difficult to communicate with their relatives on special occasions. That's why SMS's, which have served us for many years, come into play.
You can send a message to all the people you want, who are registered in your contacts Of course, there is a limit to this, unfortunately. There is a certain SMS quota in the tariffs you receive from the operators. Accordingly, people with little right to SMS experience unjust treatment. We have directly entered our topic as congratulatory messages that we send to relatives and friends on special days, but it is possible to explain this with other examples.

For example, you have a corporate company and your customer base is quite wide. You cannot reach all your users easily. You are having difficulties with the information you need to send to all your customers. You can make your submissions easily with bulk SMS. Of course, you need to do this by taking your SMS quota into account.
At this point, companies that can provide bulk SMS sending come into play so that you do not have any trouble. You can easily send mass messages to the group of people you want, thanks to the programs carefully prepared by the companies to the people you designate. In this way, you will have no problem sending messages to relatives, sending messages to your friends, sending messages to your company's customers.

Bulk SMS sending service, which is an invaluable boon for company owners, is a service that will open the way for you to corporate. Thanks to your interest and dedication to your customers, your customer range will rapidly increase.
Returning to our topic, as we have stated for Bulk SMS, Bulk SMS service is a representative concept that describes the SMS traffic you can send over the internet. You do not have to do large numbers of transactions. Thanks to bulk SMS, sending is provided depending on the number of people you want.

You can also ensure the security of your site and applications with bulk SMS. You can ensure the security of all transactions carried out electronically and you can easily confirm whether the people performing these operations are real or robots. You will see the benefits of bulk SMS in this regard.
We have told you useful that will provide companies. So whichever sector companies use it, they will be able to profitably increase their business volume;

Tourism sector
• You can easily send messages to your customers who request support to get information from your site.
• You can inform your customers about your short-term campaigns.
• You can celebrate special days for your customers.

Education Sector
• You can easily convey the opinions of teachers about students to parents.
• You can send the parents the negative behaviors, absences and scores of the student during the day.
• You can give information about parents.

Service Sector (Medicine, Lawyer, Bank, Transportation)
• You can easily inform your patients who have difficulties in coming to the hospital.
• You can remind your patients of their appointments.
• You can give your client information about the case.
• You can inform your customers about the increase in exchange rates.
• You can provide information about future and past debt payments.
• You can convey all kinds of information about your cargo to your customers.
• You can inform to which branch your cargo from another city has been delivered.

Retail Industry
• You can give information about the week's discounts in your markets.

Distribution Sector
• You can inform your field personnel who are in service.
As you can see, we have offered you the benefits of bulk SMS in many areas. You can review our uipapp.com site, sign up immediately and try or get information to experience this experience that is easily realized, fast and time-consuming.

Built on a iron solid API
Take a look under the hood
We rely on state-of-the-art as well as tried-and-true technologies to ensure the most optimal and stable traffic delivery for all supported countries. Our APIs are well documented and are being opti450mised continuously. We do this to ensure that we provide a solid foundation for your message-based services. Now and in the future.
Reliable and accessible API
UIPAPP is stored safely in Tier 4 Google data centres in Europe. All data are protected by tough SSL and leading security measures. With our uptime of nearly 100 % you can feel confident that you can always reach your recipients
Event based message queueing
Choose between four different delivery priorities after which all received messages are processed instantly and passed on immediately. Backup of our servers are made daily and it is possible to restore any prior version of the system dating back up to six months.
Built to automatically scale
What does Uipapp have in common with Google, Spotify, and Slack? The answer is Kubernetes. By utilising Kubernetes and Hetzner, our systems have been built to handle huge amounts of pressure. When 30 % of max capacity is reached, more server space is automatically allocated to Uipapp within minutes.
Dynamic message routing
We use top-end MNOs (Mobile Network Operators) around the world and messages are always routed through the best suited MNO based on message class, destination, and traffic load. Messages are, by default, monitored and our expert team constantly strive to optimise delivery QoS, vendor accords, and ensure that prices are always competitive.
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