Cancellation Refund Policy - UIPAPP - Bulk SMS


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1. In order to be able to cancel, it is essential that the UIPAPP DIGITAL SERVICES software has any problem, error or problem arising from itself and that it cannot be solved. Any feature not available on the software does not mean that the software is incomplete, faulty or defective. Before purchasing or using the service, the user is obliged to ask for information and to confirm whether it is suitable for him, if it is necessary to examine it thoroughly. International sms sending differs in the functioning of each country.

2. Before purchasing the service (SMS), the customer is recommended to make a trial with a minimum balance. The customer can load minimum credit from the customer panel in order to make a trial. No cancellation or refund will be made as a result of high-volume credit loading / purchase without a trial and then realizing that it does not meet the requirements.

3. "Account Credit" balances uploaded to the account are not refunded. These credits can only be used for sms sending.

4. There is no cancellation or refund due to problems arising from third party modules and APIs that work integrated with the system.

5. Service and Usage Agreement Pursuant to Article 6.8, the CUSTOMER; It is forbidden to send all SMS messages that contain misleading, spam, phishing, fraudulent content, fake promises, disturbing content, swearing, political discrimination, denigration, religion and race content, etc. It acknowledges and undertakes that Uipapp cannot be held responsible in any way and that it is entirely responsible for sending them. Otherwise, in the case of sending and detecting such content, the CUSTOMER will not accept that the service received will be canceled without any questions and no refund, etc. Agree that it will not be done.

6. If the account is suspended due to violation of the terms of the Service and Use Agreement, the remaining balance will not be refunded. According to the customer's violation situation, it can be used again after fulfilling the conditions. No credit will be refunded when the permanent account is put into passive status.

7. If necessary conditions arise for cancellation and return, a cancellation request must be created through the customer panel service details.
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